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Comprehensive Consultation Tele-Health Services


Dr. Thom Lokensgard DDS, NMD, ABAAHP
and Courtland Nall, RDH, IABDM

Together we aim to bridge the gap between
traditional dentistry and holistic wellness.
  • Do  you want to know how the dental work in your mouth could be

affecting your overall health?

  • Do you want whole body solutions for your oral health?

  • Do you need help getting to the root cause of some of your

health issues and feel like you aren't getting the comprehensive answers?

  • Do you want holistic solutions to your health issues?

  • Do you struggle with constant decay, gum problems, or other oral issues and don’t feel like you are getting the comprehensive solutions you need?

  •  Could there be something deeper going on systemically that no one has considered?

If you are like us, you choose to live your life as non-toxic

and natural as possible. Avoiding the traditional medical

systems and choosing care with chiropractors,

naturopaths, and alternative doctors who align with your

health beliefs and goals. But what about your dentist?

Dentistry seems to be one of those areas of health that

cause the most anxiety, and for good reason. With very 

few truly holistic options out there, most settle with a 

traditional dentist, cross their fingers, and hope for the best.

Maybe your last visit with your dentist's office left you more confused than ever. Did you think your teeth were fine and all of a sudden you have cavities or gum disease and your not sure what went wrong? They told you to brush and floss more— but you suspect there’s more you can be doing. You now find yourself questioning what is truly needed and what isn’t. You value your health so you want to take care of your dental issues, but you want the procedures to align with your holistic lifestyle.

Maybe you just need an unbiased second opinion, or need to talk through the options your dentist gave you, or didn't give you, to determine from a holistic prospective what is the healthiest option. Perhaps you are a parent concerned about your child’s dental health or oral function. Are baby teeth really that important? Why is my child having these problems? Should I do the dental work they are saying my child needs? Do they even need it? What if I don’t? I’m scared to put my child through dental work or under anesthesia.


If ANY of this sounds like you, and you are looking for help. You are in the right place.


We have created three consultation options depending on the level of support desired. Once you have made your selection send us a message in the "Contact Us" box below for the next steps. If you are not sure what level of support you need, send us a message explaining your concerns and we can help to guide you appropriately.

                 How It Works



Level 1:

General Care


This care support option is for general questions, second opinions, decision making support, and expert advice. This does not include comprehensive evaluation. You will get one on one communication to work through your specific need. It is done directly with Courtland by text or email only.


Level 2:

Comprehensive Dental Focused Consultation

This consultation is designed for people who are looking to get to the root cause of their oral health issues and need comprehensive support and evaluation. You will receive a consultation with Courtland by your chosen form of communication (Skype, phone, email, text). This consultation will include evaluation of the following:

  • Medical History 

  • Dental History

  • Dietary Counseling

  • Review any provided clinical information (ex. x-rays)

  • Holistic Recommendations

  • Whole Body Considerations

  • Oral Health Education

  • Tooth Remineralization Protocols

  • Support in finding the best clinical provider 

  • Referrals when indicated

  • A free 30 minute follow up


This consultation will be reviewed and evaluated by Dr. Lokensgard

but will be held directly with Courtland only.


Level 3:

Comprehensive Dental AND Naturopathic Consultation

Everything included in the comprehensive dental focused consultation PLUS you will consult directly with Dr. Lokensgard to further investigate health conditions in correlation with your dental health. This is where the appropriate Naturopathic guidance will be given. Dr. Lokensgard can provide in-depth blood work and individualized testing when indicated or requested.


This consultation can be done by your preferred source of communication (Skype, email, or phone).

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